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We know that inspiration comes in many ways, even when we are on the search for inspiration and new ideas, we can't always be sure where to start. That's why we search everywhere!

Design Gezund amsterdam
Micro hamburgers | microbia Amsterdam

When we are all looking for a new "lead" for inspiration, if we feel blocked, or just want to create something new.

Nowadays is too easy to stay in your seat and just search things that you think will help you figure out the next step to your creation.

Of course, we can always imagine and think, it is effective in some sense although I believe the real world out there is still the best resource of them all.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

―Pablo Picasso

We have moved recently to Amsterdam area and there is nothing more exciting than to learn a new place, culture and customs. This is definitely an incentive to go out and discover. This incentive, we grab with two hands and trying to make the most of. Before we moved to The Netherlands we were working from Florence, Italy - a beautiful place full of art and culture from wall to wall, and still you need to want, search and look for your interest in all this rich investment.

For starters, we ordered a museum card that will not leave any excuses and from there on it was easy. Friday signed as the "culture day" and every week we visited a new museum, gallery or a nice spot of The Netherlands in our never-ending search for an inspiration.

Not an art museum

Naturally, we search art in an art museum and galleries. But there is art and design in everything especially in nature obviously. Where we can find everything and since I was little kid I'm a fan of the wildlife movies and books.

On that note, I will recommend searching for inspiration everywhere.

This time we surprised ourselves and went to a museum on a different scale, for a micro observation. We went to Micropia, a wonderful museum for the entire family, but you don't need kids in order to enter.

Micropia is a unique and one of kind museum, located on Artisplein (Artis Square), in the center of Amsterdam, next to the royal zoo ARTIS. This special place allows you to have a glimpse into the invisible world that surrounds us 24/7. Incredible forms and shapes of micro-organisms.

We came back with over 100 pictures and I would love to share them all but if there is a chance that it will cancel your visit I don't want to do so...

The shapes and life forms that you discover during the tour are absolutely incredible. If you are a fan of science fiction you will be magnetized. This micro world can teach us a lot, from microbes that cover themselves with a glass armor to other who can spin around in a special dance.

The important thing is to open our eyes and explore everything, sometimes the unexpected places can reveal a world.

Enjoy your visit, and share ideas!! This is how we can all develop.

Tal I. Levy - Design Gezund


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