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Design Gezund - branding clinic, we are starting blogging. Individual background and the story of our design studio. How did we start, and from where do we work, some of our graphic and brand development work and our way of thinking. Professional insights as well as our own personal ones.

We are starting blogging for the first time and, the most reasonable post to start with is one that reveals who we are. From our history and a bit about our philosophy and background.

We have founded our design studio in Florence, Italy. Where we have met for the first time and became a couple, and later on naturally business partners as well. Probably we should say a thing or two about that as well, and we will have posts on the subject. We are both Israeli and working in the different fields of design for a while. Our meeting in Florence was inevitable since we both were interested in the same topics and study and worked in Florence in the field. When we did meet and build our relationship it was quite obvious that our next step will be join forces and open our new studio.

Design Gezund - branding clinic | Toscana

"Integrating different fields of design to create a whole picture"

We both hold degrees in design, they are from different fields, Dana's is Industrial design and mine are from industrial and interior design.

And yet, our main experience, as well as interest, are in Graphic Design and Branding. We established our place with one main thing in mind and very essential in our eyes, a wide perspective. From there came our philosophy's guideline, which guides us through today to find a holistic solution for our client. We express it best by our way to treat a project and start from the big picture, the overall expression, and from there building it in.

Amsterdam by  Shovy Rahman
Design Gezund - branding clinic | Amsterdam

And now we thought it will be nice, and for some beneficial as well to hear a bit about our experiences, thoughts, and professional growth through stories from Israel, Italy, The Netherlands and all that there is in between.


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