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Disco Tech


WSC sports

Production Company:


Or Chervin


Ani Adash

In the futuristic disco-themed annual gala of WSC Sports, the tech AI sports company, our task was to craft a series of distinct posters to adorn the venue and infuse a unique glitch aesthetic into the overall look. Our creative approach involved seamlessly merging the emerging worlds within the company—AI, technology, innovation, and sports.

Each poster design portrayed a different figure, such as a robot, a basketball player, a female DJ, and more. These figures were intricately intertwined with the event's design style, featuring vibrant colors and dynamic patterns. Adding a touch of whimsy and tying back to the disco theme, each character's face was replaced by a reflective disco mirror ball. This creative twist not only emphasized the futuristic and high-energy atmosphere of the event but also conveyed the synthesis of advanced technology with the dynamic and celebratory spirit of the disco era.

The success of the poster designs was further highlighted by the company's decision to retain them as a permanent fixture. Now, these posters grace the walls of WSC Sports' main offices in Tel Aviv, serving as a daily reminder of the innovation, creativity, and lively spirit that define the company's culture.

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