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90s Party


Big Panda

Production Company:


Or Chervin


In celebrating BigPanda s tech company employees with a festive and nostalgic 90s party, our mission was to transform the venue into a vibrant time machine, allowing attendees to unwind and relive the magnetic 90s era.

The design journey kicked off with the creation of a logo event, guiding the transformation of various elements. From the dynamic bar station and DJ stage to throw pillows, cutouts adorning the stairway, and top tables, each detail captured the lively spirit of the 90s. Digital components, such as the save-the-date and the digital invite, were meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate the nostalgic theme.

The result was a complete immersion into the vibrant and colorful world of the 90s, fostering a sense of celebration and togetherness among BigPanda employees. The event not only commemorated the tech company's achievements but also provided a memorable experience, reviving the joy and energy of the 90s.

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