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​​Design Gezund is a multi-disciplinary design firm that develop and offer services from the very first step; branding and identity, UX/UI& digital products, websites and illustrations, animation and 3D, promotional videos and more...


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Whether it’s a new initiative, startup, company, or an annual conference - having a  professional, precise & unified form of your visual presence is a great leverage to your business. The right concept can bring added value & create a connection to your customers, clients or users. 



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We design events, conventions, company parties, and brand expressions. We find the most appropriate ways to integrate a brand into your celebration and to create the perfect atmosphere for our clients and their guests. From reflecting an idea or a product in a space design to managing a whole experience around it, it's our specialty. With a rich experience in the field and a deep understanding of the proper workflow of such projects, we enjoy giving our input and creating each one. 



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Digital presence is vital for any business of initiative. The process of creating the concept & planning the user flow in your product, the experience your product reflects to your users or visitors - all sums up to usability success.


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Video is one of the quickest & powerful marketing tools. Whether it's for simulating or explaining  a process, stimulating emotions,  creating connections or bringing objects & products to life - it's memorable & effective in engaging your audience & draw their attention. 3D video, Character based, graphic or illustrated -  We do it all.



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It's five O'clock somewhere

Working with a great lovely British marketing company in Spain, Interesting combo

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Moving our computers

Fighting for the sea view window, nothing is the same when you wake up in the morning to this view



Keeping on...

Moving, new projects new places new peoples. Great creativity vibe in the air - JOIN US

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