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מותג / ברנד /  שם עצם

נ. 1 סוג של מוצר, שירות וכדומה שיוצר או מוצע על ידי חברה מסוימת בשם מסוים ' מותג חדש של אבקת סבון' 'מותג ידוע'   1.1 שם מותג. "החברה תסמן אותו תחת המותג שלה" 

1.2 זהות או תמונה מסוימת הנחשבים כנכס.  'אתה עדיין יכול להמציא את הקריירה שלך, להיות המותג שלך' 1.3 סוג מסוים או סוג מסוים של משהו. "הם משכו מיליונים עם המותג המובהק שלהם."

Design Gezund - branding clinic was established in 2014 by Dana Sternberg and Tal I. Levy, a couple of designers specializing in creative design and related fields with rich experiences. Design Gezund is a multi-disciplinary design firm with expertise in communication integration / Brand Identity / Print / Publication / Packaging / Environmental / Application design / Media Production / Motion & Animation / Typography
We work with our clients to develop brands and identity materials to create accessible brands.

    Integrating different fields of design in order to create the whole picture. 
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We transform the concept of event design from flat graphics to immersive spatial interventions. Our aim is to craft the ideal atmosphere for various client events, be it a grand celebration or a corporate convention. Our expertise covers comprehensive design solutions for all types of events.

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Interior design extends far beyond selecting the perfect carpet. We meticulously craft functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces tailored to our clients needs. Whether it's a luxurious holiday apartment or a restaurant, we focus on planning the optimal spatial layout. 
Additionally, we provide comprehensive guidance to our international clients throughout the intricate process: from selecting suitable real estate to its acquisition and subsequent renovation. Our expertise encompasses all facets of interior design and project management.

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We specialize in evolving branding strategies from traditional two-dimensional graphics to impactful spatial interventions. Our objective is to curate the ideal ambiance that authentically represents a brand's essence for our clients' events, regardless of whether it's a boutique shop or a cutting-edge tech division. Our comprehensive design approach encompasses all aspects of branding implementation.

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With meticulous attention, we infuse motion seamlessly into our designs, considering it a fundamental component of our comprehensive solution package. This dynamic approach applies across various facets such as branding, publications, and interactive design. We employ motion to elevate visual experiences, creating engaging and immersive content that captivates audiences and strengthens brand connections.

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If you need our help, want a quote or an opinion. Just send us an email, we would love to hear from you.

תודה! הודעה נשלחה.

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