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brand / brænd / noun

n. 1 a type of product, service, etc. made or offered by a particular company under a particular namea new brand of soap powder’ ‘a well-known brand’   1.1 a brand name. ‘the firm will mark it under its own brand’  
1.2 a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.  ‘you can still invent your own career, be your own brand’ 1.3 a particular type or kind of something. ‘They've attracted millions with their quintessential brand.’


Design Gezund - branding clinic was established in 2014 by Dana Sternberg and Tal I. Levy, a couple of designers which specialize in different areas of creative design and related fields with rich experiences. Design Gezund is a multi-disciplinary design firm with expertise in communication integration / Brand Identity / Print / Publication / Packaging / Environmental / Application design / Media Production / Motion & Animation / Typography
We work with our clients to develop brands and identity materials to create accessible brands.

- Integrating different fields of design in order to create the whole picture. -
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Dana Sternberg

co-founder and head designer

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Tal I. Levy

co-founder and head designer

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